Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport Little Rock

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We pride ourselves on being as environmentally-friendly as possible. Through policy changes, technological improvements and new ways of thinking, we strive to be one of the most eco-friendly airports in America. Ongoing terminal renovations, part of our 2020 Vision Plan, seek to redesign everything from the restrooms to the baggage claim system with sustainability in mind.

Our progress so far has earned the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport three out of four Green Globes from Architectural Alliance International, meeting more than 70 percent of the criteria for sustainability in the program. Our environmental goals are always evolving–in 2010, we partnered with Energy Systems Group on a multi-year $9 million energy savings contract for key energy conservation and building upgrades. 

The project implemented by Energy Systems Group will reduce the airport's carbon footprint by more than 4,900 metric tons of carbon dioxide and will provide the airport with more than $650,000 in energy savings each year for the next 15 years.

When you choose Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport, you’re traveling in an environmentally-friendly way. Thanks for flying with us!