Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport Little Rock

Parking & Transportation

Ground Transportation

Taxi, Ride Sharing and Shuttle

Taxi service is available outside of Exit H on the west side of bag claim, which closest to carousel 1. 

For shuttle pickup, use Exit D near carousel 3.  Please use the crosswalk to reach the covered shuttle pickup area located at the commercial curb.

For ride sharing,  Exit Door F toward Rental Cars and use the crosswalk to access the marked pickup zones near the entrance to the Parking Deck. 

InterCity Transportation 501-247-8006
Mike's Taxi Service 479-498-2000
Nick-Taylor Limo Services  501-240-0905
TJ's Hybrid Transportation Service 501-707-8685
Little Rock Coaches 501-978-4394
Village Chauffeur 501-915-2001
zTrip 501-222-2222

zTrip also provides lift van service for disabled customers. A reservation made 24-hours in advance is required by calling 501-222-2222.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is available through Rock Region Metro's microtransit zone. Pickup is located at our shuttle pick-up area. Please use Exit D near baggage claim carousel 3, and follow the crosswalk.